Glass Block Basement Windows Design

Glass Block Window Assembly

Glass block basement windows emit light while protecting your privacy or keeping you from seeing an ugly view. Even if you would mount a wall glass block in place, do not do it with your basement window. Mount the window glass block on a work surface in the basement, and then move the entire assembly to the opening. You can fill all windows with glass blocks, but the basement windows are a good place to start due to its smaller size.

How to install glass block basement windows. Remove the trim and side posts around the basement window opening with a spit. Measure the window opening and buy glass blocks that will fit the space. Consult with a broker at your local home improvement store. Cut 1 x 4-inch pieces of numbers to create a frame that fits inside the basement window opening. Cut a piece of wood to fit the width of the frame, close to the top, stick it. Screw the rod to the frame. Cut plastic channels that came with glass block kits to fit inside the frame. Paint peaks of the dyke’s nails with color corresponding to the color of plastic channels, usually white. Place the frame on your work surface with the stag on the bottom. Place a long range of spacer on top of the first row of blocks. Turn the frame and glass blocks so that it is on the high side.

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Then to install glass block basement windows. Rest the top of the frame on top and screw it to the rest of the frame. Lift the entire unit and place it in the window opening with stag turning into the basement. The to screw wooden frame to the wall controls surrounds the window by turning the wood at an angle. If your basement windows are surrounded by concrete, use masonry screws. Remove the bracket by unscrewing it. Cut the trim to fit around the basement window, unless you use the old trim. Nail trim in place. Apply clear seals to the spaces where glass blocks meet each other and wooden frame.

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