Good Basement Paint Colors

Basement Paint Color Ideas

Basement Paint – To find the best colors for your basement; use the color wheel, which is based on three sets of colors: Primary, secondary and tertiary.

The primary colors are green, blue and red. Secondary colors are made by combining the primary colors together: purple, green and orange. Tertiary colors are made from a combination of primary and secondary colors: yellow / green, red / orange, to blue / green, blue / purple, red / purple and yellow / orange total of 12 colors to work with for your cellar’s color scheme. Ultimately, the color scheme is determined on the basis of the room’s purpose and desired mood. A similar color scheme is when two or more colors found next to each other to create color scheme.

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To invoke a natural, organic and airy feel, use dark yellow, light yellow and green hues. One thing is to be careful when working with analogous colors is that they can easily give a sense of monotony. To combat this, the ribbon color samples on the walls from your local paint store gives you an idea of ​​how the room will look, and use wall accessories and floor boards to bring more liveliness. 

Basement paint with blues and greens create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the basement room. For example sets color schemes like blue and blue / green or blue and purple a soothing sensation in the basement, which is good if it will serve as a relaxation or yoga studio. Complementary colors create an energetic and strong basement atmosphere which is great if the basement will serve as a TV or entertainment area or a playground for older children and teenagers. The color combination of blue and gold will create maximum contrast in the room. Other complementary combinations basement paint is red and green, and purple and yellow.

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