Great Painted Basement Ceiling

Painted Basement Ceiling

Painted basement ceiling – Cellar is not just for storage anymore. Many homes are finishing their basements and use them as a family recreation room, laundry room, workout room or playroom. When you get your basement finished, you have to paint it. And you have to start with the ceiling first. Remove all the furniture is in the basement and place a cloth over the floor. The probability that you will drip paint from the ceiling is high. These precautions will help keep you from destroying everything you had in the room.

Best and great painted basement ceiling. Use painter’s tape to separate the wall edges of the roof. This will ensure that you get nice soft even rows on the edges of the roof. And also pour some interior latex house best painted basement ceiling in a flat pan. This house paint is likely to be white for a roof, but feel free to use any color you want. And then add an extension to the roller and then dip the roller into the paint. Get color on all sides of the roll and then wipe away the excess in a second plane pan.

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Start rolling your roll on the roof starting at the middle. Work your way to the edges. Do not go all the way to the edges. You will be able to better the edges with a brush when you’re done using the roller. When you paint with a roller, you want to make an X. And then make a diagonal line and then cross it with another diagonal line. Then continue this process until all but the edges of the best painted basement ceiling. Paint edges with brush. You will have more control. Then let the paint dry and then add a second coat if needed.

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