Green House Design With Basement

Home Design With Basement

House design with basement – A daylight basement, also referred to as a look-out basement, requires no artificial lighting. In the basement works because it is an above-ground foundation with windows. Depending on where you’re green home, and the angle of light and the height of your home’s foundation, a daylight basement to save hundreds on the electric bills. Although this means you do not have any lights on in the basement at night, you can point out the basement as a laundry room or storage space. This type of basement often has outside access by a sliding glass door and a staircase that leads up to the main building.

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A common basement or cellar is an ideal green house design with basement option. A basement is a basement with an underground foundation, rather than a stilted or above-ground foundation. The cellar makes for a perfect green home basement option because the basement stays naturally cool and dry. If you live in a hot or humid climate, a cellar act as natural air-conditioned rooms, less any cools costs. You can either access the basement from a stairway in the home or by descending steps from outside leading into the cellar. If you and your spouse or partner are wine drinkers, a wine cellar also serve a functional purpose for your green home. You can choose to build cellar with a normal ceiling height of nine meters or less. Constructing the basement with earthen walls and a floor is conscientious and resourceful, but you can also end it with green material, faux-wood floors.

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An ideal place to create a food storage space in a house design with basement. If you clear a corner or more of your basement, you can place the shelves there and create a walk-in pantry to store canned, dried or other nonperishable food for a great winter or summer. Ideally, build the pantry if you have an underground foundation. Constructing the larder unit against the underground foundation will keep the product at a constant temperature as outside the earth can withstand changes in the weather.

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