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Basement Floor Paint At Home Depot

Home depot basement floor paint – Beautiful basement plants present a unique challenge when it comes to selecting a suitable paint. Since basements are underground, they tend to be moist and have moisture present even if there is no visible sign of water. Therefore, basements need a hard, durable surface for good performance. There are many paintings and coatings for basement floors, but you can find a lot of contradictory information when reading the pros and cons of each. The best advice is to take into account the conditions and use of your space, and research each option thoroughly before making a final decision.

The use of water-based latex home depot basement floor paint to cover a basement is the least expensive option for a homeowner. The application of latex paint is also much easier than any other basement coating, but it does not hold well in high humidity environments, and tends to make dent and peel under constant foot traffic or other abrasive movement. Although there are a number of latex painted basements available, it is recommended to bad homeowners to use them unless they want to scrape and paint the basement floor every few years.

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Paints and polyurethane coatings are a better choice for both home depot basement floor paint finish and latex. This finish is more expensive than a latex coating, but is much more durable. Many homeowners actually purchase a clear polyurethane coating to seal a painted latex basement to make it more durable. A disadvantage of using polyurethane is that it is an oil-based material and can turn yellow over time. As with any basement or garage paint, the surface must be cleaned and dried before applying the finish. Also, since polyurethane has an impermeable finish, it would also be advisable to include abrasive additives in the paint to create a non-slip surface. Perhaps the most durable of all available basement finishes is a blend of epoxy paint or epoxy paint. When the epoxy paint dries, it creates an extremely hard surface and does not go yellow like polyurethane.

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