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Basement apartment ideas – When remodeling a basement apartment with the help of plaster, there are several things you should keep in mind. The first area of ​​concern is the content of the basement moisture. If moisture is a problem, then you may want to install water-resistant drywall. The other thing that should be of interest if you need to use fire-retardant drywall in the basement apartment. This may be required by your local building codes, especially if the apartment is rented to a third party or non-family member. If you do not have fire-retardant plaster, then the usual half-inch drywall can be applied to ceilings and walls in the same way as any other room in the house.

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How to install drywall in basement apartment ideas. Inspect all framing members for walls and ceilings in order to be sure that they are firmly in place. Framing the walls in a basement can be very challenging, so be sure to check each framing member very carefully, especially those connected to the masonry. If the roof is covered with plaster, then you must also look at the rafters very carefully for proper installation. Ensure that all electrical fixtures, wall outlets and switches are in place and the wires have been run before hanging drywall. Also, heating vents and other openings that need to be done in plaster.

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How to brighten basement apartment ideas. Hang the sheet rock on the ceiling first. Overlap seams at the end of each part of the plaster, so that they are offset. Install each piece of 1 1/4-inch or screws, using standard building techniques. Most importantly, the tight spacing between the screws and only a small indentation in each screw that does not break the paper. Do not forget to cut openings for light fixtures and electrical outlets. This cutting can be done with a key hole saw and a utility knife. Hang sheet rock on the upper part of the wall first. Do this as the tapered edge slides tightly against ceiling. This helps support the roof.

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