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Basement Floor Drain – Many do it yourself home remodelers victim thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of their time working to transform their dingy, unfinished basement into something more beautiful. Unfortunately, many basements contain floor drains, which tend to stand out when the project is completed. Before attempting to finish a floor drain in your basement, know that there are state housing codes that make it illegal to seal the rack. Still, you have finished the drain, so it blends in better keeping with the rest of the room by using an oil-based paint.

How to finish a basement floor drain. Remove the outlet cover or screen, using a screwdriver. Scour the drain with a wire brush to remove rust or oxidation. Sand off any remaining rust, using 80-grit sandpaper. Put drain cover or screen on top of a heavy-duty fabric drop cloth. Apply a light coat spray-etching primer. Apply in short, intermittent bursts rather than in a steady stream to prevent running or dripping. Allow etching primer to cure for four hours. Apply oil-based spray paint in the same way as you did the primer. Allow the paint to dry for two hours, and then apply a further layer as necessary. Again, let the paint dry for two hours. Replace the cover to the drain, using a screwdriver.

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Try mixing drain in to its surroundings by choosing a paint color that fits around floors. Or you can paint the cover or screen black or silver to make it look more attractive. Manhole covers and screens require an etching primer to grind them to better paint adhesion. Do not use ordinary bonding primer or finish coat will not last. Basement floor drain serves an important function by permitting a place for water to flow in the event pipe burst. State codes prohibit the sealing of the drain. Do not seal them or cover them with the floor or you could face a fine.

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