How To Paint For Basement Stairs Treads

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Paint for basement stairs – The basement stairs are often neglected because their primary function is to provide and improve the appearance of the home. Moreover, many basement stairs off the doors, thus keeping them hidden. Homeowners, however, can improve the appearance of the basement stair treads by painting them. When you paint the basement stair treads, required a further addition to create a gritty surface to prevent slips and falls.

Paint for basement stairs treads. Install a piece of medium-grit sandpaper on a palm sander and connect the sander in an electrical outlet. You may need an extension cord to the sand along the stairs. Don goggles and dust mask and sand the entire surface of the basement stairs step to remove all the old paint or varnish from them. Vacuum basement stairs carefully to remove all dust. Use painter’s tape to all areas of the steps, such as risers, which you do not want to paint.

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Paint for basement stairs treads. Open a 1-gallon jar with epoxy-based paint in your chosen color and pour it into a 5-gallon bucket. Open a package of non-slip additives and add it to the bucket. Stir the paint thoroughly with a paint mixer. You can also use about 1 average of sterile quartz sand instead. Pour out some of the paint in a paint tray and insert a paint roller into the paint until it is saturated. Roll the color of the treads of the basement stairs starts on the lowest step and work your way. If the basement has an exterior door, you can work from the top down. Continue to paint each tread, until the whole staircase painted. Wait at least two full days before going down the basement stairs to make sure that the paint dry. Remove the masking tape and discard.

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