How To Prepare Basement Wall Paint

Basement Wall Paint Bubbling

Basement Wall Paint – Basement walls are usually made of concrete, so if you are considering turning your basement into a habitable area, the walls usually lack any sense of style or color. Once you have prepared the walls, you can be as creative as you want when it comes to painting them. You can choose colors that add warmth to a cold basement or stencil a favorite design to add interest to the room. The transformation of a basement begins with walls preparing for a new coat of paint. Use a sponge to wash the walls with a mixture of soap and water. Rinse the walls with a second sponge dipped in a bucket of clean fresh water. Clean the walls with a clean, lint-free cloth once you have finished scrubbing. Allow the walls to dry.

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How to prepare basement wall paint. Use a gel based paint remover on the walls to remove old paint. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a washer to get into the small grooves between concrete blocks. Don safety equipment and use fans to ensure proper ventilation. Toxic vapors can easily build in a closed area. If you believe that walls could have lead paint, let the paint removal with a professional. Carefully check the condition of the walls. Look for chips, cracks or holes, and any other type of damage. Clean the holes with a small wire brush. Apply hydraulic cement to cracks and holes after moistening with water to help the new concrete fuse with concrete. Premixed cement can be purchased at a local hardware store. Once the basement cement has cured for several hours, it will expand and fill the crack further strengthening the integrity of the wall.

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Then for prepare basement wall paint. Check walls for areas of mold appearance. Use a mildew remover or mix 1 part chlorine and 4 parts water and saturate the area. Sweep the mess you made during work. Clean dust and dirt that has accumulated while repairing the walls. Apply a generous coat of primer evenly to the walls.

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