How To Renovate A Wet Bar Ideas For Basement

Wet Bar Ideas For Basements

Wet bar ideas for basement – A bonus room in the basement with a wet bar adds value to most homes. Perhaps more importantly, it adds value to your social and family life. A basement bonus room is a place where friends and family can get together for parties or just a relaxing weekend. A wet bar make the room more versatile, allowing you to mix drinks for your friends or make milkshakes for the kids. Invest time and money in this type of project. Use high-quality materials, so that there is a space that you love to use for years to come.

How to renovate a wet bar ideas for basement. Sketch the basement floor as it is now and how you want it to be. Measure the space that your want and plan where it’s various features, including a bar, will go. Consider making the bar a focal point in the room, perhaps taking up an entire wall. Attach any moisture problems in the basement and dense walls. Run new wiring for lighting and a refrigerator in the bar, along with plumbing for the sink. Add framing, insulation and drywall. Put a roof, with either drywall or ceiling tile. Prime and paint the walls.

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Then to renovate a wet bar ideas for basement. Construction bar framing, using the 2-of-4 timber. Cover the framing with cherry veneer and installing cherry cabinets. Build a bench covered with black marble tiles. Leave an opening for a sink. Plan to use a sink for the bar area is large. Decide where your withdrawals will go. Complete your bar space. Attach a large mirror on the wall behind the bar. Buy four or five chairs. Install a refrigerator, ice maker, wine racks and shelves for glasses and spirits. Insert your floor last. Add black and gold tiles. Consider using a grid.

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