How To Use Trex For Basement Windows Cover

Basement Window Covered By Deck

Basement Windows Cover – The housing is the flat molding that extends over the wall at the top, bottom and sides of a window. Traditionally, this casing is made of a wood molding between three and four inches wide. Trex wood composite is highly resistant to moisture and basement walls have a tendency to have a slightly damp surface, making Trex a good candidate for basement windows cover. Full width 5/4 x 6 inches Trex can be a bit overwhelming for small basement windows, so cut your trex in half and do double deck the same length of joint.

How to use trex for basement windows cover. Place the table saw close to 2 11/16-inch blade. Locate the height adjustment and its height to 1 1/2 inches. Launch the saw and run enough Trex compound decking boards through the blade to make the deck for as many basement windows as you need. Measure the interior to interior enclosure on each side and up and down. Cut each piece to 5 1/2 inches longer than the measurements you wrote. The back of each board to indicate which window and side is cut from the mark.

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Installation basement windows cover. Install the top of the cover in the first window, 1/4 of an inch above the inside of the horizontally centered lip of the frame. Nails to frame with pin nails, one for every three inches. Tighten the two-piece side in place, so that the miter corners align with the ends of the top piece. The boards instead of nails with two nails, with a nail two inches from the Miter and the other three inches below the. Fit the bottom piece into place and align the miter corners at the bottom of the side pieces. Nails instead of as you did the top, with a nail every three inches. Finish nailing the side pieces in place, making sure that the miter mounts is aligned at all four corners.

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