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Sliding Barn Doors In Basement

Installing basement barn doors to hide the interior of the source cry adds a smarter appearance to the room and isolates the room from cold or hot air that can enter the house through the closet. Bypass doors hang on rolls that slide along a metal track. Stunning doors allow them to slide independently of each other along the track. It is unlikely that a homeowner finds ready-made sliding doors for a creep, but the rail system doors use works in the same way, regardless of the height of the doors. Install the track. Measure the width of the creep ground opening and use an arch file to cut the door groove to the right width. Hold the groove up against the top of the opening and mark the screw holes on the frame. Drill holes and screw the groove into place, using the supplied screws with the kit.

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Make the doors. Measure the distance from the lip of the basement barn doors groove into the floor and subtract ½ inch. Add an inch to the width of the creep ground opening. Cut a piece of plywood to these dimensions and cut it then piece of plywood in half to make two doors. Sand the cut edges on the plywood smoothly and then paint or bites the doors. Attach door handles to each door so that when the doors are hung, the handles will be on opposite sides. Hang the doors.

Attach the rollers that followed the door to the beginning of the basement barn doors. Place a roll in place about 2½ inches from each corner of the top of the plywood, mark the screw holes, drill holes and screw the rollers into place. Hold the door up to the track at a small angle and snap the rollers into place on the track. Repeat with the other door. Use the setting knob on the console to increase or decrease the height of the doors. Install a door slide on each door. The door slides to keep the doors from swinging inward or outward. Slide a door sliding under the door, make guiding holes for the screws and screw it in place. Repeat with the other door.

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