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Best Color To Paint A Basement Bedroom

Best color to paint basement – When it comes to renovating the painting of a house, it is likely that we leave aside a room that we rarely use and that we forget for a moment that it is there. We refer to the basement, a space that deserves special attention and that is the protagonist in this delivery. Light colors to illuminate the basement. The basement, contrary to what happens with other rooms in the house, does not receive natural light. If you do not have the option of having an opening towards the outside, you should think of colors that do not exaggerate the lack of light.

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Best color to paint basement, avoid colors that are too dark. Everyone knows that black absorbs light, while white reflects it, so it is preferable to use shades of white to paint the walls. This allows the basement artificial light (or the little natural light coming in) to be installed more easily. If you have walls and a dark ceiling, the lighting will not have the intensity it takes to develop an intellectual activity like reading, or set up a games room. In fact, the atmosphere can turn out to be somewhat depressing, causing you not to want to stay in the basement for long. If in any case you want to paint the basement with dark colors, you can then use red, violet, and green, with a mixture of some white touches to not darken the space too much.

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Best color to paint basement, one of the biggest problems in basements is the presence of moisture. The reasons are multiple, but most of the time it is due to water seepage, absorbed by the foundations. To remedy moisture in the basement and avoid subsequent problems with the paint, it is advisable to use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the basement. If necessary, it should be used for several days until the basement is completely dry. Keeping in mind the possible problems of humidity, it is advisable to use a special anti-humidity paint, of course the color that we want to paint the basement.

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