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Basement Remodel CompanyA cellar with exposed channels can still be attractive. Channel can actually be part of the renovation. There are a few different ways to approach the channel and incorporate it into your new space. It is important to know how the channels function so that you do not accidentally cause problems by covering them. Exit the channel system one strategy is to leave the channel work exposed and work it into your basement remodeling work. Simply leave the channels intact and exposed and then lay the roof tiles around or under the channels.

With basement Remodel Company that has wires that vent in the basement, you should leave the channels free so they can continue to vent into the room. To cover these channels would only interfere with heating or cooling systems. Hide Channel System Another option is to conceal the channel either by enclosing it in the ceiling or by building the roof around it. If you choose to enclose the channel by installing a drop of roof, you may encounter problems with system ventilation in what is now a small, fenced area. This is recommended only if the system does not ventilate into the room. Hiding channel is a better option.

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This allows the system to continue ventilation in the basement remodel company and causes fewer problems, mechanically on the road. Another option is to install a trellis, or framed beam covered with plaster, to prevent the view of the canal. This beam must be placed where it prevents the view and does not block ventilation. You can also attach the channels into a box that runs along the ceiling or wall. This option, for non-ventilation ducts, is good if you have material and extra time. It will take up more space, leaving less space in some cases, and it can be hard to do. The enclosed area must be built using a 2-of-4-inch onboard frame and plaster and drive the entire length of the ducts.

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