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Basement Windows Sizes – Because basements are usually at least partially underground, basement windows are often small and set at awkward heights. The prospect of creating a first-class window treatment for basement-size windows does not have to be scary if you approach it from a design point of view. Integrating your window processing ideas into your interior design ensures a hassle-free look.

Ideas for basement windows sizes. A minimalist window treatment that gives a little privacy without dominating the window can be your best bet in small cellar rooms. Home a piece of fabric for accurate measurements of the inside of the window frame. Use spring rods on top and bottom to hold the fabric tightly over the glass. Or use a wider piece of fabric so there is some accumulation along its length when installed. Light-colored, light fabric allows light to enter the room and can afford privacy. Use dark fabrics for blackout drapes if the room is used as a home theater. If you want to be able to open curtains, use two pieces of fabric as you would with traditional curtains, so they can be opened in the middle.

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Sometimes there is no need not to treat basement windows as you would any other windows in your house. An elegant family room or guest bedroom with deep blankets and lush colors benefits from having floor to ceiling curtains made of luxurious fabrics. If you need light from these basement windows sizes, use sheer panels from floor to ceiling. The longer curtains will make the ceiling seem higher. Alternatively, you can use lace or net instead of latch panels. For an unusual treatment, measure from floor to ceiling, add 4 inches, and buy a piece of jute this length. Home jute in the top and bottom, and then lay it flat. Pull horizontal strands of fabric into groups of around 10 and then trim the edges of pulled areas with rickrack or narrow blonde. Hang the curtain from a standard rod.

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