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Basement apartment – is a small, livable area in the basement of a home, meant to emulate a full-size apartment that may or may not contain a kitchen, but most contain a bathroom at minimum. Many homeowners to supplement their income through redevelopment and lease all or part of their cellars to tenants. This apartment downstairs will also add significant value to a house when you are trying to sell. Before adding an apartment or even a single bedroom to the basement, it must meet certain safety requirements, and there are some basic building upgrades to consider.

Make sure the basement windows are large enough for a legal holiday; the ventilation system is up to code and fire safety requirements. The requirements to convert a basement into a room or apartment vary by state, so check with your local courthouse or city hall for government specifications. Locate or install an electrical outlet that can handle an electric stove, as well as a non-GFCI outlet to plug in a full-size refrigerator, if you want a kitchen in the basement apartment. A full-size refrigerator that runs on a GFCI outlet at risk of frequent shutdowns and the loss of power. Remember, any electrical work carried out by a qualified electrician.

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Ideas for create basement apartment. Lay down carpet or laminate flooring. Most unfinished basements are cold and unattractive concrete, less than ideal for an apartment. Pergo and other finished flooring are easy to install, attractive when you’re done, and much easier to clean and maintain than concrete. If your basement has no more walls or room set up, and you cannot put up drywall, separate basement in small rooms with folding walls, screens or curtains hung from curtain rods attach to the ceiling. Install any major appliances, such as stove, washer and dryer, or refrigerator. Installing a sink for plumbing connections allow one. Paint the walls, hang the curtains, turn the switch plates and take care of all other minor aesthetic details.

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