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Basement bulkhead doors – Bulkheads are heavy metal doors that open in a basement or cellar. These doors are usually mounted at horizontal angles on the floor, and open to concrete steps leading to the cellar. When these doors do not function properly, they can cause many problems in your home. For example, you can allow water to seep into your basement, which causes the formation of mold to grow and your basement to flood. Proper maintenance and repair of your screen door can keep your basement dry and free of Mold, the protection of your belongings and the integrity of your home.

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Identify the source of the leak. Leakage leaks can come from rusty doors, improperly sealed joints and cracks in the concrete foundations surrounding the bulkhead. To properly address the problem, you must first determine where the leak is coming from. Surrounding or leaking joints, where the bulkhead meets the concrete foundation. Seal on the concrete stairs and the frame in which the basement bulkhead doors are assembled using a concrete sealer. Select the area first to use high power fans and then apply the sealant to the cracks. It is best to do so in one Dry day, no rain on the prognosis so the sealer can dry properly before being tested against the water outside.

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Apply waterproof sealant that binds with both concrete and metal at the edges of the closing door, both inside and outside. Again, wait for a day when it is dry for several days and no rain is on the forecast. Replace basement bulkhead doors if they are rusty or decomposing. This is a heavy-duty job due to the size and weight of bulkhead doors, especially a metal bulkhead; you may want to call a professional to handle the bulkhead. Situation. To install yourself, you will need to place a rubber gasket between the concrete and the closing door and use a sealer to attach the two together. Door locking bolt in place.

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