Ideas For Hiding Poles When Basement Remodeling

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Basement Remodeling – Finishing or remodeling a basement provides additional nice living space.  An alternative is to leave them as-is and is exposed to an industrial feel to the room. Other interior applications call for them to dress up or hidden completely from view. If the poles are close to the sides of the field, they can be hidden behind another framing and walls. The problem with this option is that you lose some surfaces of the space around the posts. Another way to go is to have its own built-ins installed around the poles. For example, hides basement poles behind the support for bookshelves or an entertainment center.

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Building false columns around the support poles. This option works especially well for the posts that are in the middle of the room. These columns can be framed to mimic all kinds of designs, such as matching those found in the upper levels of your home or create a whole new decorating scheme. Adding fittings and moldings can take a great design in a fancy one. Paint poles for basement remodeling. To reduce the amount of construction needed to paint the basement poles to blend in with the rest of your decor. For example, for a simple cream color that matches the walls of a traditional design or completely black flow with a black and white checkerboard floor in a retro theme. Using masking tape or stencils to create stripes and other patterns to coordinate with patterned fabrics throughout the room is another option.

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Sometimes the best way to hide something in a design is to make it an integral part of the system. For example, in a dance club theme basement remodeling wrap colored twinkle lights around the poles that blink in time with the music. When you go for a funkier lounge feel, mosaic poles mirrored tiles or wrap them in feather boas for a whimsical party place.

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