Ideas For Make Wooden Basement Stair Treads

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Basement Stair Treads – Wood step function three components. String on each side of the stairs hold step. Shocks are the boards that hold up the steps. You install them after strings. Stair treads go on last. Treadmills are the pieces that you go on when climbing stairs. Attaching each component with screws adds strength and stability with a stairway to make it safer. How to make wooden basement stair treads. Place the tip of a tape measure to the left outside the edge of the left strings in the lower step. Stretch tape to the right outside the edge of the correct strings. Add 1 inch to the measurement to a few widths. Measure and mark a 2 x 12 inch table with a carpenter pencil on width measurement. Cut the label with a circular saw. Put the board at the bottom while centering it between each of the strings. There will be 1/2-inch overhang on each side of strings.

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Then to make wooden basement stair treads. Place a stainless screw on the left back of the bottom tread; adjust it to strings below the tread. Screw the fastener into the tread and through strings below with a drill bit that contains a little screw. Screw two more screws in the left side of the tread, place one in the middle and one near the front of the tread across the strings. Repeat this process to tie the right side of the tread to the correct strings. Repeat this procedure to measure, cut and attach each staircase from the bottom up to the top of the staircase.

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Tips and warnings to make wooden basement stair treads. Stainless steel screws do not rust so that they fasten stairs for many years without loosening. Follow the same procedure for triple stringer stairs and secure treads to center strings as well. Measure each step to make sure that they fit on strings with a 1/2-inch outline on each side. Stringers may have moved a little while they were installed and need a little different length of treads.

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