Ideas For Painting Basement Ceiling Black

Spray Painting Basement Ceiling Black

Painting basement ceiling black – The color black can get a bad rap from being associated with vampires, Goths and other off-the-radar people, but its rich and deep hue offers an ideal way to cap a room. Instead of sticking to generic white, gray, beige of a ceiling, paint the basement room tops black. Transform a basic basement ceiling to the night sky with a few layers of black paint, glow tape and stick-on stars. Adding additional options with lighter colored paint, as comets, star bursts, planets and the moon. Replace incandescent light bulbs in the basement specialized black light bulbs, and take in the stars.

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For more than 60 years, a small shake able orb called magic 8 ball answer questions and solves mysteries in the world. While you cannot get different answers from the ceiling, paint it black and draw small triangles of answers around it serve as a retro decoration. To paint ball itself coat the entire painting basement ceiling black and let it dry. Use white paint to draw a circle and the large 8 symbol. Adding additional circles or shapes with the 8-ball answer inside.

If the basement seem hollow and tend to dwarf all furniture, accessories and the people within it, painting basement ceiling black actually make the room appear smaller without destruction of any of the home’s structure or foundation. According to Harrington College of design reduce dark paint colors appearance of length and height. Opposite is usually suggested: paint the ceiling and walls a light color to try to trick the eye into thinking the room is larger. But when a room is too big, decking out the ceiling in black is a quick way to not only cover any mistakes, but also add shade and cast a cozier look.

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