Ideas Painting Basement Walls

Painting Basement Walls Ideas

Painting basement walls not only serves to enhance your appearance, but can protect your home from moisture damage. Basement walls are usually made of porous cement, so moisture can build up there and make mold grow. This can cause damage to the structure. Use these tips to paint your basement walls. Prepare the walls of your basement to paint them. Remove the previous paint from the walls. The masonry paint sticks to the porous walls, so you must remove any paint that is already there before repainting. If you do not, the newly painted wall would have cracks or air bubbles, which would cause it to peel. Use sandpaper or a wire brush for this process. Fill cracks and holes in the cement. To repair the walls of your basement, use fast setting hydraulic cement, which is available in most home stores? Use the manufacturer’s instructions to apply it.

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Ideas painting basement walls. Removes mold stains. Pour two teaspoons of lye into a liter of warm water. Use a sponge or cloth dampened with the solution to scrub the stain until it disappears. Use a commercial mildew remover, which you can get in a home store, wherever you buy the paint. Clean the walls. Basement walls should be free of dust, dirt and oil before you begin to paint them. Remove loose dirt with a broom. Clean the walls by rubbing them with a damp cloth. Clean the walls with a preparer, a product that serves to harden the surface. This makes the paint adhere better and can be obtained at any home store. Follow the instructions on the product for your application.

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Use trisodium phosphate to clean walls. TSP is an alkaline cleaner used for masonry surfaces. You can get it in any store for the home. Follow the instructions on the product for your application ideas painting basement walls. Please note that this product is very toxic and is not allowed in certain places due to environmental problems.

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