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July 9, 2019 Basement Lighting

Ideas Unfinished Basement Lighting

Unfinished basement lighting – Hiding the unfinished part of an unfinished basement can be tricky if you decide not to finish. But unfinished basements can add character when becoming a functional basement space. Being locked in a basement without windows, you may feel trapped in your own home. Free yourself with clever interior design tricks, including lighting options, placement of fixtures and flooring options, and transform your dark hole in the floor into a ventilated shelter. If the renovations are in your budget, talk to your contractor about building windows to let in some natural sunlight. Meanwhile, it would reduce some candles, wine and soft music, and make the best mood of your basement soft.

Lighting An Unfinished Basement

Lighting An Unfinished Basement

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Unfinished basement lighting, paint the basement walls of a bright color, such as white, yellow or light orange. Avoid dull or dark colors, such as violet, brown, green or red. Without natural sunlight to provide balance, these colors may seem oppressive and confining. Paint the white roof to open the space and create the illusion of the overhead of natural light. Install multiple light sources throughout the room to mimic the different shades of light caused by the sun as it moves through the sky. In addition, a minimum of lighting can cause a shadow effect in non-illuminated areas. Suggestions include tin lights, high floor lamps, wall sconces, runway lights, table lamps and multiple general recessed lighting fixtures.

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Unfinished basement lighting, use task lighting at every “station” in the basement. Near your laundry area, for example, as well as near an art area, a work or study space, and a leisure area. Replacing dimmed light bulbs with the brightest bulbs can be found. Create the illusion of a window hanging, a set of blinds more than a wall lamp.  Hang mirrors strategically throughout the room to reflect and amplify light sources. Place plants, flowers and other natural elements within the area of ​​reflection of mirrors, “to create the effect of seeing nature through the window.

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