Install A Spring To A Basement Garage Door

Basement Garage Door With Basement Garage Door Install A Spring To A Basement Garage Door

Basement Garage Door – The screwdrivers of your garage door are an important part of their collection, especially if you have an automatic door opener. If the springs are not installed correctly, the opener will have to put more power to raise the weight of the door which could damage the garage door opener and the slots that hold the door. Over time springs can stretch out and lose the excitement, so you may need to replace them with new ones.

How to install a spring to a basement garage door. Lock the basement garage door in the lower position so that it does not spring up while adjusting the tension in the springs. Push the screw springs on the line running along the middle of the basement garage door. Adjust them so that the red one is on the left side of the garage door and the black one is on the right. Slide a cable drum on each end of the line. Lock the cable drums in place by tightening the screws. Place the springs in the middle of the bar, and tighten retaining bolts in the middle cone.

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Put the end of a twist in the hole at the end of one of the screw springs. Pull the line up until it becomes a quarter of a revolution. Check your basement garage door operating instructions to find the recommended voltage. A general guideline is a revolution for each foot of the garage door length. Move to the other spring and repeat this process until the tension of both springs is equal. Lock the basement garage door, and test the tension by slowly opening and closing it by hand. The door should move freely, but stay under control. Use the turn to adjust the voltage if you are not satisfied with the way the door moves.

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