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Interior basement doors – The construction of a door to give access from the outside to a basement will require the removal of existing blocks or concrete. Creating such access, however, will allow you to take objects in and out of the house or in the basement more easily. It is possible to install a standard size basement door, double doors or a sliding door. If there are no blocks in the ground area or in the patio of the access wall, your work will be much easier. Otherwise, you may have to build a ladder to reach the wall for your new door.

Measure the exact space where the interior basement doors will be installed. Use chalk to mark the exact opening both inside and outside the house. Rent a saw for electric concrete to cut the masonry section of blocks or bricks. Cut on inner and outer sides. The saw blade is not cut through both of one direction. Use a hammer and a chisel to carefully tap the edge of the perimeter, which will be somewhat uneven. Buy a concrete lintel (support beam) to fit the top of the door opening or build a wooden beam. Install this stand with the help of a concrete mason experienced as it is part of the wall infrastructure literally up to the celebration of your home.

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Buy a jamb kit from the door and trim the interior basement doors space. Insert the fiberglass insulation into the uneven spaces between the door wood pieces and surrounding cement blocks. Cutting threshold material to fit the bottom of the door. Key the threshold in place with 4 inch concrete nails. Caulk the edges of the door linings before hanging the actual door or double doors. Run the electrical wiring of the fuse box or the basement of an outlet to the outside of the door. Install an outdoor lighting fixture and flip the switch inside the door. Place a motion detector light on the outside of the door to discourage unwanted visitors after dark.

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