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Low Profile Led Basement Lighting

Led basement lighting – Probably the basement is one of the spaces that receive less attention when decorating our house, as it is one of the most difficult to light. Generally, there is very little natural light in the room, so it tends to be dark, damp and, in the end, not very welcoming, used to store old furniture or things that we no longer use. If it is your case and you want to start making your basement a cozy and beautiful space, then we give you the keys to do it: And then you should know that there are four types of lighting: general, decorative, environmental and punctual , being the way that combines decisive in the final result of your space.

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As we explained in the post, what types of lighting exist? The first thing is to establish the type of general illumination that you will use. If the basement is not too large, use bulb eyes or recessed spotlights and dispense with ceiling lamps, always using wall switches to turn them on. Then proceed to consider the remaining types of led basement lighting. On the one hand the punctual, to illuminate those corners where you go to perform very specific tasks such as reading or studying and then the environment and decorative to give your basement a warm and welcoming.

How to light your basement. Regarding the type of technology led basement lighting will always be a safe bet, as they have multiple advantages and benefits. Low power consumption. Easy to install and uninstall. Low electricity consumption. Long service life. Variety of lighting applications. Ecological. In addition, traditional light bulbs offer a yellow light that is not conducive to illuminating a basement because it is much less cozy and emits much more heat.

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