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Basement Designs – Basements need not be feared dungeons that do not have a better use than storing things you no longer want or need. In many homes, the basement as much square footage as the main level of the house. This unused area is a clean slate for new basement design ideas, which adds an extra bedroom, living room, bathroom, and laundry and storage space for a house. Colors basement designs. Do not be afraid to add color to your basement walls. Traditionally, basements colored cool neutrals that make them light to dark and dreary spaces instead of a bonus part of the house.

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New basement design ideas approach paint color for a basement with the same palette as the upper levels of the house. They even go a step further in using the basement as a showcase of bright and bold colors that really pop colors that can be too bold for the rest of the house. As Basement Remodeler recommend Stick with bright colors for the walls. Use bright colors that will effectively lighten gloomiest basements. But do not dominate the basement with a plethora of bold color in a monotonous way. Instead, use it on an accent wall and involve complementary colors and neutral to mitigate the effects of a dominant bold color. In choosing neutral for the basement, stay away from the cold tones. White with warm yellow, peach, orange and red shades family will warm up the feel of the cellar.

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To make a basement no longer feel like a basement designs, add more light to compensate for the lack of natural light, a basement typically receive. Evenly several recessed lighting units throughout the basement ceiling and use low wattage light bulbs, such as fluorescent lamps save on your electricity bill. For an accent wall, install small spots that light up on the wall. These lights will not only give the basement an art gallery feeling they are sure to accent any wall art or furniture that goes along this wall as well, making the basement feel larger than it really is.

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