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Basement Interior Design – Basements are often the most fun to decorate and design because they are usually unfinished, leaving a number of design options. Between this and the fact that for the most part a basement is not an essential function space, it becomes a blank canvas that you can design and decorate any way you want. Room feature. Before you can even begin to conceptualize a design plan and layout, you must first decide how you want your basement to function. Most people use it as a recreation room, because the large open floor plan allows for great pool tables and exercise equipment. Inclusiveness also allows large children’s playroom. The basement could also be multifunctional. You can use part of it to a home office, and part of a health club, a bar and billiard room, or any other combination of room types.

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Basement interior design ideas. Most basement floors are concrete, leaving a wide range of flooring options to be installed. But you can easily and inexpensively create stunning basement floors by simply staining concrete floors. Concrete stains found in either acrylic or acid formulas. Acid stains create a transparent look with varying shades, while acrylic stains provide a more uniform shade that is semi-transparent. You can create a checkered tile effect by taping off squares and use different shades, or experiment with different patterns and designs.

If you decide to use your basement to create different rooms, there are some ways you can separate these spaces without the labor-intensive process of installing drywall panels. You can make use of the fixed beams in a basement interior design; use them to help create room vignettes. Just run screens, hinged cupboard doors or curtains between them. Alternatively you can use partitions, similar to what is used up office cubicles, to create separate rooms or areas for different uses.

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