Nice Basement Paint Color Ideas

Basement Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

Basement Paint Color Ideas – You love your basement, but sometimes lighting is a problem. Certain areas of your basement are dark, and artificial lighting is not lighting the space properly. You should paint the ceiling a light color so the light is reflected and not absorbed. A dark colored ceiling absorbs light, so paint with a high quality paint to make the space look bigger and brighter.

The best basement paint color ideas for ceiling. Visit a paint store or home improvement center and throw several pieces of paint of varying degrees of white paint. Bring home paint particles to see which white shade works best with your basement decor. And more than 100 different shades of white are available. For example, Benjamin Moore paints has more than 130 shades of white in his palette. And you do not have to paint the ceiling pure white, but paint the ceiling with a light color based on white

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Accessories to improve the basement paint color ideas of ceiling. After painting the ceiling of your best basement a white shade. And then if the basement is used as a playroom use task lighting that has energy saving light bulbs. If space is a home theater, a room or another area of ​​life, use low-power soft lighting. Also use runway lighting, traffic lights and other lights that focus light on a certain area to bounce light on the roof and make the basement brighter. And if the basement only has a window. And then basement paint color ideas for roof. If you do not find a white tone you like, pale pastel colors will also work. And choose a pale blue color with a slight green. Then use dark colors as an accent, but keep them out of the basement ceiling.

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