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Basement Stair Lighting Ideas –  Basement stairs are dangerous if not well lit. Ceiling luminaries. One of the most common ways to install lighting fixtures from basement stairs is to simply install a light mounted at the bottom of the staircase and another at the top of the roof. In general, you want to install fixtures that are as flush with the ceiling as possible. This way you do not hit you’re head on the way down the stairs. Make sure you use at least one 75 to 100 watt light bulb on each fixture to make sure you have enough illumination on the ladder. Wall mounted luminaries. Wall mounted Lights are easy to install and can actually illuminate a bright colored wall or accentuate some artwork. At the same time, wall or perhaps wall lamps, will provide enough basement stair lighting ideas.

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Decorative staircase lights. One of the most popular choices in basement stair lighting ideas today is decorative light. These types of luminaries are generally embedded in the corridor of the staircase, so that they are flush and out of the way. A popular style of decorative stair light is the LED. Cost of energy is on a bass with all-time lights and is cool to the touch. They usually come in different colors and very bright.

Install wiring and basement stair lighting ideas. Once you have decided on what you are going to use the lights on, where they will go, where they will go to the switches and the wiring will go, it is simply a matter of installation. The first step, of course, will be to disconnect the power to the circuit you will be working with. After that, install the wiring, junction box, switches and lights. Turn on the circuit and test your work.

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