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Basement Window Curtains – With care strategies, you can make your basement window look bigger than it actually is and leave it at maximum light. Those small windows found in many basements can be difficult to figure out what to do with. Leaving them naked is not really an option, however deciding what to cover them with can be a difficult decision. Many options are available when dealing with basement window curtains. Colors for basement window curtains. Choose colors that will coordinate with the other colors in your room. Remember that the color of your window treatments helps to set the mood. Choose bright colors like bright blue and yellow if you want a lively atmosphere in your basement. Use quieter colors such as browns and soft greens for a more subdued basement.

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Decide if you want the basement windows to let light on or keep out and choose your fabrics accordingly. Use lightweight fabrics such as cotton to let light and heavy fabrics come in such clothes to keep light out. To be able to do both, add basement window curtains and tie-backs to keep the curtains open. Decide on the length of the basement curtains. Try short curtains to draw the eye up creating visual interest. Keep in mind that vertical stripes will make even the shortest curtains appear more.

The bead curtains for basement window curtains. Beaded curtains are a lively, adventurous choice for anyone who wants to truly revitalize your basement windows. Beaded curtains take your basement window and spotlights, transforming it from a small porthole of an area of ​​interest in the room. Nowadays a great variety of manufacturers that make abound curtains of beads, and that really have their choice of colors. For your basement, select beaded curtains with transparent glass beads that filter the light while adding some glare and brightness to the room.

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