Nice Natural Light For Basement

Natural Light Bulbs For Basement

Natural light for basement – One way to make the basement look bigger and brighter is to take full advantage of natural light. When decorating the basement has to be taken into account natural light, as this must be exploited to the maximum to make the place a much more attractive, spacious and functional. With good natural lighting the decoration to be given in the basement will look much more elegant and at the same time you will be able to take advantage of the spaces much better. There are basements that have very small windows, so it is recommended to enlarge them to have greater illumination in this space. As for how to take advantage of this natural light, several proposals are made that will make the space feel much more elegant due to its designs and finishes.

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The use of curtains is one of those proposals with which it is possible to take much better advantage of natural light for basement. These give style and at the same time offer that privacy that so much seeks the person. The type of curtain to be used and its arrangement is very important, since a misuse of these can cover the natural light thus damaging the purposes of the people to illuminate the basement.

In this case it is advisable to hang the curtains correctly, you must install the bar at least one foot above the window and one on each side of it, this way when you open the curtains in the day these will not cover the windows At all. As for the fabrics it is advisable to choose thin curtains that are in light colors without abusing the prints, however, if the person loves the blinds, can make use of materials that let light pass as is the case of bamboo. Another way to take advantage of natural light for basement is to paint the basement with reflecting colors, an example of which are light shades such as gray, beige, and white.

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