Nice Small Basement Apartment Decorating Ideas

Amazing Small Basement Apartment Decorating

Small basement apartment decorating ideas – Transform your basement in a funky space to relax and entertain in. Choose to be bold in your interior design choices and express your creative side with ideas that showcase your wild side. Throw caution to the wind when decorating your underground escape and retreat with less conservative in your materials and interior decorations.

Build a wine cellar downstairs, complete with kegs and racks. Go for a really mysterious ancient vintage feel with old wood everywhere and a collection of bottles, or add a classy touch with a few wrought iron tables and chairs. Use lush carpets or old leader hardwood flooring. Create special characters, as seen in old piano bars in classic movies, for a more luxurious and rich feel or hang fake cobwebs and make bookcases to divide the space as the doors to the secret room. Other funky small basement apartment decorating ideas include plush velvet Fein thing sofas and other elaborately carved furniture. Hang a chandelier, put in a vanity and a few mannequins for your own personal dressing room like all the old starlets had back in the day.

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Funky small basement apartment decorating ideas.  For a modern feel, leaving chrome pipes exposed rather than cover them up around the room. Instead of a traditional drop ceiling using tin tiles. If chrome look is not your thing, paint tubes in colorful shades. Bring in metal chairs and modern furniture. Rive all existing carpet and paint or stain the concrete floor. You can leave it as is and just seal and wax it to a high gloss as well. Use chains to hang artwork from and use the simple silver or black frame for photos. Make the focal point of the room your electronics, such as a big screen TV or stereo. Mal casings of electronics in a wild pattern for added personality.

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