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Small basement remodel – An old basement can be a trick to remodel. There are many obstacles that include fallen ceilings, old roof beams and cracked concrete. There may also be problems with old wiring, plumbing and the fear of hammering in concrete that is very old. There are some ways around these problems if you use some strategies to successfully remodel that old basement.

Old and small basement remodel often have old concrete walls that have cracks or leaks. They make it difficult to install new drywall for fear of leaking water will damage. One strategy is to seal these cracks first with a clear silicone sealant and then paint over the cracks with durable concrete floor paint. This will seal most of the water. Another strategy is to seal the cracks with mortar and then paint the walls. When installing drywall, it is best to create a complete wall frame of 2 x 4 panels and anchor to the floor and ceiling the joists with screws and concrete nails respectively. A layer of foam insulation can also be applied to the walls before the frame goes up, providing more separation between the walls and the wood.

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Old and small basement remodel can have old wiring, plumbing and rotting rafters that make it difficult to install a good roof. Any sagging beams can be propped up with a jack of the beam, before a beam of wood or solid concrete in place just below the lowest point of the fallen beam. Another method is to simply install a drop ceiling below the lowest point on the beams. This is a good idea if you leave enough free space in the finished basement. Old wiring can replace or move so it does not come in contact with the ceiling. Pipes should always be replaced as they can cause roof leaks. However, with a roof drop, you can replace the tiles that are damaged by leaks. If you want to continue the old theme of the house, consider installing a roof between large wooden beams and leaving them exposed. This can add charm to your new renovation.

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