Old Basement Remodel Design Ideas

Remodel An Old Basement

Old basement remodel – A basement is a good place to explore the design theme of your choice. A basement cannot be seen from other rooms in your home and therefore does not harmonize with the rest of your decor. If you love the country and primitive designs, why not make your basement a rustic retreat? Determine practical needs for old basement remodel. Before you begin your old basement remodel project, consider the room’s current use. Are your washer and dryer in the basement? How is your oven? Do you use the basement for storage or other practical purpose? Did you accessible plumbing or electrical outlet? Is the basement heated or cooled? Make a floor plan indicating stationary objects, plumbing and electricity. Next, think about how you can hide items like washing equipment or stored sporting goods. The options are to build a wall to partition the space or hang curtains to hide unsightly objects.

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Your old basement remodel project should start with the stairs. When you enter your basement notify your rustic theme. Consider building a stair rail presents the forest stopped to look like old fence or a whitewashed rustic fence. Cover your stairs with the same flooring used in the basement, or in a complementary color. You can also type in your basement walks through an arbor or pergola.

A faux view of the outside will be crucial to convince others that your basement is part of a rustic home. For old basement remodel, why not paint your walls a yard or pasture? You can also enclose some of the walls with a fence. Another option would be to create the window by framing painted exterior views with molding to create a window. Large easy to install wall-paintings of pastoral exteriors are the providers paintings Your Way.

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