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Walkout Basement Door Cover

Basement door cover – Many exterior cellar doors are horizontal, like trap doors in your basement, basement or basement. Since horizontal surfaces are especially vulnerable to full sun and sometimes stagnant water or snow, paint suitable for other horizontal surfaces, such as decks, will withstand better. Metal warehouse doors have to be treated by rust and coated with anti-corrosion paint and wooden cellar doors should be painted regularly so that they do not rot. Scrub the cellar door cleans, using a mild detergent. If there is mold or moss, use a mixture of 1 cup of chlorine to 3 cups of water or a commercial covering or cleanser containing fungicide. Rinse the doors well. If the doors are made of wood, do this for at least two days of sunshine before you begin to paint to allow the wood to dry.

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Scrape loose paint and oxidation, and sand the basement door cover with sandpaper 50 or 80 grit. To melt the edges and make it smooths. Use an electric sander to get the job done faster. A wire brush designed for barbecue grills cleaning also works well for rust removal. Pre-treat any oxide residue with oxide stabilizer. Oxidizer is a water-based solution that filters into the oxide and stops the oxidation process. You can find it in most automotive supplies or hardware stores. Follow the instructions on the label.

Use a bonding sealer that inhibits peeling paint on old winery basement door cover, made of wood with several layers of paint. These sealers “glue down” old paint and seal small cracks and fissures to prevent water from coming into contact. Close the door with a suitable primer. Use exterior primer, either water base or wood oil or oil based primer for the metal. Use two layers of corrosion inhibitor-based primer if no oxide stabilizer has been applied.

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