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Basement metal door – Whether you’re installing brand new doors or remodeling old, the right type of color is often the difference between success and failure. When selecting color for a door, consider the composition. Doors can be of wood, metal or fiberglass. The composition is typical of a new door. An old door makeup can be a riddle until the old finishes away. Always start with a bar door. For old doors, use chemical stripping or sandpaper to completely remove all old paint or bats before a new painting project. Clean the surface with a lacquer finish. Apply with a clean cloth and allow drying until there is no detectable odor. Wear gloves, goggles and respiratory protective clothing when using a paint glove to avoid getting any on your skin and inhale smoke.

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Sand the door easily with 220 slip paper. Wash away dust and debris from grinding with a few drops of detergent in water. Allow the door to dry completely. Paint the door with 100% acrylic latex outdoor paint in water base. Paint from left to right, top and bottom, and allow drying for 24 hours. Add a second layer if necessary. Rub the door with lacquer nap to remove dirt and debris.

Apply with a clean cloth and allow drying until you cannot feel the smell of paint on the door. Wear gloves, goggles and respiratory protection for safety reasons while working with paint nap. Wash the door with detergent and allow drying. Add several drops of detergent to 2 cups of water and wash with a clean cloth. Rinse with clean running water and allow the door to dry completely. Paint the door with external water-based acrylic latex paint. Paint left to right in long strokes, working from top to bottom. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.

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