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Affordable Basement Ceiling Ideas

Alternative basement ceiling ideas – Basements are often associated with a dark, cave-like feeling. Updating the attic is an easy way to do either finished or unfinished basement feels more like an actual living space than a dungeon. Set a budget for the project before selecting the ceiling. Each type of ceiling material creates a special look, and then decides how you want the room to see before shopping. Wood or laminate planks are a ceiling alternative for basements. Laminate ceiling planks are finished in different spots and styles. Wood can be stained or painted to create the desired look. Most homeowners can handle the installation of wood or laminate planks. Formwork strips used to keep tongue and groove pieces in place. The planks are also easy to cut to fit the specific basement room.

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Plain exposed joists in an alternative basement ceiling ideas create an unfinished look. Add in pipes and other elements that run along a basement ceiling and you have an attractive display. One way to camouflage the odd pieces without installing a new ceiling is to use paint. Paint the underside of the floorboards, beams and everything else on the basement ceiling ¨|n color. A neutral color works to open up the space. Black is another common solution, as it camouflages things well. User black with caution, though, as it can make the room feel hollower -like.

If the pipes mainly running around the edge of the basement ceiling, use it to your advantage and make it into a tray ceiling. This works best if the alternative basement ceiling ideas is high. Use drywall to finish the ceiling. Build ceiling lower around the edges where the pipes run. The ceiling in the middle of the basement is built higher, because you do not have to deal with the pipes. Connect the higher and lower ceiling with plaster to create the tray ceiling effect. Tray ceilings add an elegant look to the room and can really transform a basement.

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