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Basement Stair Railing – Stairs banisters can be decorative as well as functional. If you are considering replacing your current railings, think about choosing a style that complements the rest of your space and create a sturdy, comfortable grip for people to go up and down. While most people might think of wrought iron as an outdoor material, you can just as easily use it for basement stair railing. According to Remodeling Center if you want to create a classic, European atmosphere of your stairs and surrounding space, try with wrought iron railings with subtle gold and silver paint. You can also use wrought iron railing with very intricate loops, spirals and many other shapes and patterns. While railing on a typical staircase exclusive spiral variety is generally linear in nature and derive their shape from the shape of the room they are in, you can throw out convention by incorporating a curved basement stair railing. According to Home Decorating Reviews, replacing an edgy railing with a gently curved one will make your room out softer and gives it a more natural look.

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Contemporary basement stair railing. If your tastes are more on the modern end of the spectrum, so consider replacing your current basement stair railing with a glass and stainless steel railing. A common modern design, a stainless steel bar or tube that serves as a handle and a large portion of the glass below that corresponds to the slope of the staircase and ceiling.

Instead of keeping the proportions of your basement stair railing the same throughout their design, you can try with a long, vertical position at the bottom of your staircase that will stand out from the other post because of its size and aesthetic value. For example you could have a wooden cross carved in human form or another, or you can use a bronze statue as your focal point posts.

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