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Good Cement Floor Paint

Best Basement floor paint – A basement with painted floor improves the overall appearance of the room, hides the imperfections of the surface and is easy to care for. But it is necessary to follow certain steps to ensure that the painting process is satisfactory. You must clean the surface thoroughly before you start painting. You will need to use a sturdy paint with certain features to finish the job in less than a day and there are also other restrictions that you should take into account before beginning. Follow these guidelines to learn how to paint your basement floor.

Make sure the conditions are optimal before you start. The cement can be difficult to paint as it must undergo a treatment to get the paint to adhere. Only paint under specific conditions of temperature and drying. To calculate the humidity of the basement, stick a piece of plastic to the floor and let it stand for 24 hours. If you see condensation on the plastic, this means that the moisture is seeping through the floor. Clean the basement floor thoroughly. A cement floor should be perfectly prepared to ensure the best basement floor paint adheres. Protect skirting boards and fixed elements with adhesive tape. By covering the perimeter of the floor with the tape, you can finish with the work faster.

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Choose the best basement floor paint for the project. Floor epoxy paints are ideal for cement floors. They are scratch resistant, adhere well to cement and are easy to use. Mix the epoxy paint with a catalyst. The catalyst causes the paint to dry faster; That is why, once you have mixed the paint, you must start using it immediately. Then paint the part close to the skirting boards and elements with a brush. And then use a roller to finish painting the floor. Start from the far corner. Allow the substance to dry completely before passing through a second layer. And remember to mix epoxy paint with a catalyst every time you paint a concrete floor.

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