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Basement Ceiling Ideas Without Drywall

Basement ceiling light – Adding proper lighting for your basement is crucial for a number of reasons. Many basements are immersed completely underground, and the lack of windows means artificial lighting will be the only source of illumination. Many people use the basement as a family room or home theater, further reinforcing the need for high-quality, versatile lighting. Lighting for low ceilings is a design challenge; not enough lighting and room feel dark and oppressive. The best solution is to trick the eye into thinking the ceilings are higher with the right kind of lighting. Avoid downwardly facing illumination; choose lighting that reflects in the ceiling, draw the eye upward. Tall floor lamps will focus the direction of the light closer to the ceiling. Bright painted ceilings will help to distribute the light. Recessed lighting is an excellent choice for roofing; this opens up the room instead of turning off the low-hanging lamps. While these require more installation, they offer the biggest payoff, and the slim design prevents the room from appearing cluttered.

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Installing lamenter along the wall, evenly distributed or in groups. Lamenter provides up-lighting, which gives the impression of a higher ceiling. Sconces should be positioned slightly higher than would seem normal to achieve the best effect. And then you must include some form of artificial lighting. Spotlights and direction of light can be a great way to add a professional look and extra functionality to your basement lighting plan. These lights can be mounted on ceilings or walls and pointed in different directions. Directional basement ceiling light are nice to highlight the architecture of your basement.

Basement ceiling light ideas. Recessed lighting is installed in a ceiling serves to provide lighting design that complements other primary lighting in a room. When planning your recessed lighting arrangements, you must figure recessed lighting distance so you immediately lit areas under the lights satisfactory. Using simple math, you will know how many lighting devices you need and exactly the distance required for efficient lighting.

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