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Basement Light Fixtures – Lighting a home is not just lighting hallways, lighting the living room or lighting the bedroom. There are also other areas that are important like the garage, the hallway or the basement, in case you have it. Most basements are characterized by lack of light, or have a very small window through which the sun enters. This makes lighting a little difficult in this area but does not preclude it and, in fact, you can turn the basement into a nice place to have a room or even a full home. Do you want to know how?

If you plan to finish your ordinary, metallic basement light fixtures, you should choose a finish that provides both an attractive gloss and strong durability. Because metallic surfaces are nonporous, they are ill suited for paint adhesion. Regardless of the type of paint you choose, it will not stick to your lighting fixtures, unless you condition them with a special type of primer, capable of etching durable metal. When you apply this primer, you can then apply the paint that you choose

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Buy a galvanized metal etching primer. Apply this coating to your basement light fixtures before applying your final finish. Choose a satin latex spray paint, if you want your lighting to blend in with the surrounding walls and ceilings. Do not choose this kind of finish, if you want a glossy shine. Select a semi gloss or gloss latex spray paint if you want your lighting fixtures that stand out. Do not choose this kind of finish, if you want a subdued tone. Choose acrylic spray enamel, if you want a glossy shine and require a durable finish. Select this type of finish if your basement light fixtures are subject to scratches and dents. Take the time to carefully cover areas around light fixtures with masking paper and professional masking tape. Keep spray cans of primer and paint 8 inches from the fixtures that you use. Be sure to shut off the flow runs to lighting fixtures before painting.

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