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Basement Bedroom Window Treatments

Basement Window Treatments – Basement windows are typically small and tall, with the floor providing a panoramic view of less than anyone high enough to see through it. A short strip of sky is probably the only view, eliminating the idea of ​​nude extra light windows or breathtaking scenery. On the contrary, window treatments can be used to dress a basement room or to enhance its cozy character, leaving artificial light fixtures and landscapes to hang on the wall art.

Basement window treatments with curtains or blinds. In a larger, more standard size window, consider curtains or blinds to cover the windows. Lift or open Make any light available or peek out from the inside. Soft fabric curtains, continuous and run on a cable system, laminated or folded as they go up. Blinds are metal, vinyl or wood and slats in a system of pulleys to raise and lower. When below, blinds can be adjusted to open or close the gaps between the slats. Blinds and curtains create a casual atmosphere in a room, ideal for double basements like play rooms or TV or recreation areas. The window should provide a frame for curtains and blinds. Install them in the upper interior of the opening window; do not extend over the sides. Curtains are perhaps the most common basement window treatments, a decorator’s paradise with thousands of styles and materials to choose from.

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Basement window treatments with valance and wreaths. For greater depth, use a valance or garland. A valance is usually made of the same fabric as the curtain, but is much shorter and crosses the top of a window. A steering wheel on the top edge gives extra decoration. When using with a curtain, place the frame over it. Booty is similar to a valance, but works on the diagonals at the top next to the center and should hang in pairs. It can be used with or without a curtain and is longer than a valance.

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