Removing Basement Wall Paneling

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Basement Wall Paneling – can hide a masonry wall, but they can be ugly, and if installed correctly, they could hide a layer of mold and mildew. The amount of work required to rip out these panels depends largely where they were installed either screwed or simply glued. And when panels are down, you may need to make a couple of repairs on the wall.

How to removing basement wall paneling. Undo screws in panels. If panels were attached with masonry screws, these should be removed. And then use a drill and set it to turn and pull out all the old screws. Peel panels down. If the panels were nailed or glued into place, and then they would be primed away from the wall. And also insert a bar in one corner and paint yourself. This should pop the panel away from the wall. And if the glue is stubborn or panels are weak, and you may only need to tear the bites away in your hand. Wear gloves to protect your hands and safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying wrecks.

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Then to removing basement wall paneling. Do not remove any adhesive left. If panels were glued, maybe you have places of adhesive on the walls. And then use low odor mineral spirits, open all windows in the room and hit a fan. Leave this set for five minutes and then scrape away glue with a plastic spatula. Fill any holes in the wall. And if the panels were attached with masonry screws, does a small patch work? And brush the walls clean and apply mortar over the holes. Leave this kit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Do you now have a ready to prime the wall and paint, or you can just leave it naked.

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