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Basement Master Bedroom Ideas – When renovating the basement bedroom, taking into account the difference between your cellar temperature and the upper level of your home. Consider ideas to heat a basement with color, blankets and other accessories. The key to successfully remodeling a basement bedroom is to plan your remodel and ends with a bedroom that does not look like a thrown-together, unplanned space. Paint the basement master bedroom ideas in a soothing, relaxing color. Cellars tend to be cooler than the rest of the house, so a warm color works well in a basement bedroom. Keeping the earth-toned paint a bedroom feel cozy and suggest thoughts of family and loved ones. Choose colors carefully because basements tend to be dark in nature. Imagine a medium brown shade on the walls and a light beige ceiling.

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Install white molding in the basement bedroom after you’ve painted it. White molding adds a crisp, clean and airy feel to a basement bedroom. Think of your basement as the lower level of your home and instead of a basement. The basement bedroom should resemble the rest of your home decor and style. Hang the full-length window curtains in your basement master bedroom ideas. Usually basement windows are small windows and hang the full length, curtains in the basement bedroom creates the illusion of a larger window.

Hang mirrors and strategically place at least a mirror opposite the bedroom window, as this reflects the natural light in the room. Purchase mirrors of different sizes to increase the visual appeal and enhance the illusion of a large bedroom. Buy abundant lighting option for a basement bedroom. If the walls in the bedroom are painted a darker shade, consider placing sconces on them. Sconces will draw subtle light into the bedroom. You may want to use floor lamps, table lamps and a ceiling light in your basement master bedroom ideas also. Place a mat on the floor in the bedroom.

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