Replace Steel Basement Window Wells

Basement Window Well Construction

Basement Window Wells – protect a window below the grade of water in and changing dirt. In some houses the basement windows below ground grade. Dirt moving toward the window during periods of rain and snow pushes against the window if the window wells do not protect it. Dirt to push against the window leads to stress on the pane and the frame that may cause the window to separate from the frame, allows water to enter through the small holes. Excessive force from wet soil can cause the window to break.

Remove dirt from the window well by hand or with a small shovel. Dig the soil around the existing window well a minimum of 12 inches from the edge of the window well passive and deep enough to reveal the lower edge of the pit.  Remove the bolts from the existing well with vice grips or a wrench. Pull the old window well out of position. Measure the size of the window and buy a suitably sized replacement basement window wells. Fill in the old holes with hydraulic cement. Set the new window welling up against the foundation equidistant from the edge of the window to the edge of the window well on each side of the window. Make marks on the foundation through the predrilled holes in the window well with a pencil.

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Equip a drill with a carbide-tipped masonry drill bit. Coat the inside of the bolt holes in masonry epoxy glue. Driving on a ball of exterior grade caulk on the edge of the window well that will meet the foundation of the house. Align window holes well drilled holes in the foundation. Fill the area between the window and the window well with gravel to the bottom of the window frame to provide adequate drainage. Fill the area around the outside of the window wells with dirt, making dirt higher where it meets the window well and sloping it from the basement window wells.

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