Rustic Basement Bar Ideas

Diy Rustic Basement Bar

Rustic basement bar – Having a metal bar in the basement is perfect for entertaining guests and show food and drinks during a party. While it serves a practical function, you will probably also want it to look attractive, especially if you will be using it often. Of course, you can just show up plain finished wood in your bar, but to change things up a bit maybe add some interest to your decor. Painted rustic basement bar. Colored bars can be made to match the existing colors in your room, or painted a bright color that stands out in the room and create a focal point. The top of the rod can be painted a different color from the base. Use stencils to add designs such as martini glasses, animals or sayings. Most bars should be sanded and primed before painting.

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Rustic basement bar Ideas. Sometimes holiday or gaming-themed parties requires a color change on the bar without the commitment that a patent provides. Head to your local craft or fabric store to pick up some seasonal materials. Vinyl or fabrics are ideal because they can easily be wiped off when overflow occurs. Whatever material you choose can be draped over the bar as a tablecloth or pulled straight and fasten with tape, staples or pins.

Decorated rustic basement bar. Simply decorate a bar with accessories can be appropriate when your bar already match your room. Try to keep special characters from the disk in your bar wants a birthday girl happy birthday or offer a graduate a hearty congratulations. Streamers and confetti can be used on a tall bar to give it a festive feel. The living accessories such as special punch bowls or lighting arrangements will help to complete the look. Add holiday lights under the counter in your bar are a perfect way to give it a festive feel and makes it pop on your next big party. Use rope holiday lights for a more elegant, formal look. These lamps contain the holiday lights in smooth plastic tubing so the lights do not catch on anything.

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