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Small Basement Kitchen Ideas

Small basement ideas – In the past, the basement were nothing more than places to store Christmas decorations and appliances like freezers. But over the years many basements have become something more. Homeowners need more living space, but unable or unwilling to add to their home choose to insulate and finish their basements, making them the living room, home theater, extra bedroom or play room. Homeowners should always have their cellars checked for moisture, mold and leaky foundations before remodeling, as a solid foundation eliminates problems down the road.

If small basement ideas are concrete or solid, insulated walls, all a homeowner needs to do is paint. Cement walls are easily hidden with painting techniques as dry brush. Dry brushing involves selecting three different colors of paint preferably three shades of the same and brushes them all up on the wall in sections. A dry brush helps blend the colors together to create a marbled look. Homeowners can also use stencils on cement walls to give the appearance of wallpaper. They only need some satin paint and a big wall stencil, great Indian flower design works well in stripes which make wide stripes themselves. Stripes in the same colors, but with alternating flat and satin finish can add glam to a room. A thick coat of primer, in these techniques helps disguise texture from unevenness or gypsum seams.

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Instead of trying to install hardwood floors or wall to wall carpeting in small basement ideas, which are notoriously humid, should homeowners try simpler options. An easy solution is floor paint. Floor Paint comes in as many colors as wall paint, which allows thousands of options. It is possible to cover the floor in a single color or create a tiled look by painting different colored squares or a mosaic on the floor. A beautiful marbled floor would look nice, too. Area rugs can add as much heat as regular rugs; just make sure to comply with blanket insulation in the bottom of each rug. Sticky rubber patches can also help kept rugs from slipping.

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