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Plastic basement wall panels – The wall panels traditionally were made of wood, and people are still in love with this old material. However, wood brings many problems, not counting the panels for the walls. They accumulate dirt that is difficult to remove, susceptible to insect attacks and rot, and requires a comparatively more expensive type of paint at regular intervals to remain in reasonable conditions. Plastic panels made of materials like rigid PVC eliminate most of these problems. The smooth surface provided by the plastics does not accumulate dirt, and any surface dirt can easily be removed through, for example, pressure cleaning. The plastic does not attract insects or rot. It is also impermeable to water, and is not affected by moisture as wood does. Plastic panels are also less expensive than quality wood panels, and do not require regular maintenance as paint.

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Other advantages of plastic basement wall panels can be given different types of finish. They can imitate decorative designs such as marble, wood, flowers and so on. Plain plastics can come in different colors: white, blue, green, cream and gray. To increase the decorative effects, plastic panels can be produced to accept silver and gold decorative ribbons. The plastic panels can be used to cover the corners. While lightweight, they are also durable. They can be combined with other materials such as aluminum to produce compounds with stronger structures.

Inconvenience of this material is of low impact, so the handle panel’s transport and installation should be cautious. Depending on the coating, the plastic basement wall panels are divided into matte and glossy, and drawing technology on the film and are printed. The strength of the material depends not only on the thickness of the walls but also on the number of reinforcements located inside the panel. To test the durable form of the material, it is necessary to press your finger on the surface whether the plastic hollow, panel will serve for a long time.

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