Smart Unfinished Basement Lighting Ideas

Amazing Lighting For Unfinished Basement Ceiling Ideas

Unfinished basement lighting ideas – Using only natural light to illuminate a room also called passive solar lighting, was a practice used by the ancient Egyptians. The mirrors were placed strategically to reflect sunlight deep into the pyramids from the outside. While new techniques, such as light bulbs and shelves, are currently being employed in the pursuit of a greener life, lighting a dark basement with natural light can be done at low cost and relatively easily, with a Pair of simple techniques. Paint the basement white which will reflect more light up to 85 percent. Regardless of whether the room is unfinished, putting white paint on the gray concrete walls will immediately lighten the room by reflecting the natural light of the opening. Using a semi-gloss instead of a flat paint will also add light reflection.

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Unfinished basement lighting ideas, cover the basement floor with white paint, as gray cement will absorb light. Choose a tougher paint that can deal with shoes, traffic and items that are moved around in the basement, like furniture or boxes, without scaling or an easy flaking. It monitors light entering the aperture to determine the best location for a mirror. This should be directly through the opening. However, depending on the angle of the sun as it enters the basement, the mirror may have to be higher or lower on the opposite wall.

Unfinished basement lighting ideas, hang a mirror on the other side of the window. Choose a large mirror to reflect as much light as possible, rather than a small decorative mirror. Place a long mirror on either side of the basement opening to reflect the light coming from the large mirror on the opposite wall. These mirrors will act as focal points of reflected light. Hang mirrors around the basement to reflect the rays of the sun, as they move around the room at different times of the day. Mirrors on opposite walls can provide a lot of passive sunlight if they are well placed to trap the sun’s rays as they enter through the aperture.

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