Steel Basement Door Decor Ideas

Bilco Steel Basement Doors

Steel basement door – A door must not just be a way of getting in and out of a room. You can transform it into a window, a storage space, or even a blackboard. You can make a door a focal point by painting a bright color that contrasts with the shade of the room’s walls. You can also paint only the door frame, or stencil pattern on it. For a bold, vibrant look, paint the door with colorful horizontal stripes, squares or diamonds. Be sure to keep the rest of the room relatively neutral or you risk the door to be too busy or crashing with other elements in the room. To dress up a door, put décor around the frame. You can buy molding in hardware stores, or find vintage at salvage stores.

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Steel basement door, add an arc on the top of the door for extra dramatic effect. Wood trim can change the appearance significantly. For example, you can use the trim to arrange three squares vertically along the middle. Paint all over the door to make the trim look like it was always part of the door. Decorations for doors over the door hanging shelves and pockets are both decorative and useful. You can make your own hanging pockets of fabric, or buy premade ones.

Many children’s dealers sell soft-fabric storage solutions for children’s rooms. Wardrobe doors are often the best places to hang shelves or pockets. You can hang them inside the door so they are visible only when open, or on the outside of the steel basement door for a more decorative look. Do not forget that knobs and handles can be an important part of door decor. Remove old, dull steering wheel and replace them with sparkling crystal, milk glass or shiny brass. You can also put a stuffed toy through the hole in the door where the steering wheel should normally go. Just make sure the toy is big enough to pierce the hole or pull it out whenever the door is closed or open.

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